Customer Care

Abacus provides comprehensive customer support to 200 over travel agencies, Abacus vendors, associates and business partners as well as corporations using Abacus products.

Our local NMC office is staffed with professionals who are conversant with your travel reservation preferences and practices.

We provide you with:

- Professional helpdesk support
- Product consultancy and installation
- On-site technical trouble-shooting
- Localised product development and enhancements

BA/QF Issuing tickets within the Ticketing Time Limit
Abacus will not guarantee BA fare if agent cancel & rebook.
Last update: 16 Jun, 2011

Early check-in services offered by airlines
This is a gentle reminder that if a passenger takes advantage of the early check-in services offered by airlines (e.g. internet check-in, phone check-in or city check-in), any changes that travel consultants make to Abacus PNRs can be rejected by the airlines' reservations systems. This is due to the airline's secondary PNRs and E-ticket coupon are considered to be under "Airport Control" and are therefore inaccessible for modifications at the GDS level.

Last update: 13 Apr, 2009

For any helpdesk enquiries, please call (65)6220.0011 or email: