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Etihad Airways Group Claim

We are pleased to announce that Etihad Airways has implemented Group Claim in Abacus
with immediate effect.

With this implementation, you will no longer need to create passive bookings and call the
airlines to action on the Group PNRs.

Group Claim provides travel agents the capability to claim Group PNR that was originally
booked in EY system. Once the PNR is claimed, travel agents will be able to service the PNRs in Abacus. Servicing claimed PNRs is similar to those PNRs that are booked directly in

In order to claim EY PNR, you are required to perform two simple commands.

Step 1: Display EY PNR
Entry: ¤QEY/*xxxxxx (xxxxxx denotes Airline’s Record Locator)
Note: You can only perform Direct Access PNR Retrieval if the original booking is created by Etihad Airways.

Step 2: Claim PNR Request
Entry: ¤QEY/CLM

i. The Claim PNR request must be made within 90 seconds after the PNR has
been displayed, otherwise, an error response “Request Rejected - Display PNR First“ is returned.

ii. Once the claim command is made, system will automatically end transaction on the PNR.

iii. Take note of the Abacus Record Locator appended at the signature line of the Claimed PNR.

iv. Ensure that the Claimed PNR is synchronised with the Airline’s PNR e.g. passenger’s name, itinerary and all SSR/OSI fields.

v. Deadline sets by the airline is reflected on the Remarks field of Abacus PNR. The Ticketing field (7TAW/) of the successfully claimed PNR is defaulted as current date. Ensure the Ticketing field is amended as per deadline stipulated by the airline.

vi. The travel agency’s contact is automatically appended as the first phone field in the PNR.

Last update: 28 Jul, 2008
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